Automate your crypto trading with ProfitTrailer

Hey there, FI enthusiasts! If there’s one thing I’ve learned on my journey towards financial independence, it’s the importance of diversifying income streams. Recently, I decided to dip my toes into the vast ocean of cryptocurrency. Specifically, I’ve been experimenting with the Profit Trailer crypto-trading bot on Binance. Let’s dive into how it works, its […]

18 months of NAB Equity Builder

Back in 2021, we decided to pull the pin and apply for the NAB Equity Builder product. Within just a few weeks we were approved for a $30,000 facility and transferred $10k of cash and VDHG into our account to bring our VDHG holding up to $40,000. Since then, a lot has happened, so this […]

Top 5 Qantas points gift card redemptions in August 2022

If you’re anything like us and have Qantas points flowing in from every program possible, you’ve probably amassed a small fortune of points. Between American Express generous 100,000 point signup bonus, Woolworths Rewards & other banks allowing you to redeem your rewards points for Qantas points, we’ve been the fortunate receives of a massive 250,000 […]

How to fuck up your finances in your 20’s

Become a victim of fashion So you just got a promotion. Congratulations! Let’s go treat ourselves to a brand new set of high heels or that new suit! Hell, let’s get a credit card while we’re at it with big points bonuses. Buy a car with an unsecured personal loan Go on, fast cars are […]

How we all approach budgeting wrong

You’ve probably tried budgeting before. Whether it was passed down from your parents and you maintain a paper balance sheet or a complex Excel model, or you’ve used trendy apps on your iPhone, as a young, or even more mature, adult, you’ve no doubt had some experience with budgeting. It usually starts out of necessity. […]

The Value of Education & Career Progression

At the time of writing this, I’ve spent 20 years in my career in IT and general technology. You could certainly say I’ve had a successful career to date; with plenty of ups and downs, I’ve capitalised on many opportunities in my career. I’ve succeeded and failed in many ways, and used those experiences to […]